Advertise At The RoadRunner Restaurant & Saloon

Announcers Stand

$4000/Year - $2000/6 Months

With every event being held in the arena, your companies name will be announced before the start. (Ex. Welcome to the BullBizz Arena At The RoadRunner Restaurant & Saloon)

4X8 Boards Above Speakers

$2000/Year - $1000/6 Months

Your company will be announced during the events in the arena at least once a round.

Return Gate

$3000/Year - $1500/6 Months

Your company logo will be announced at least once a round during the events, and placed in a prime location for everyone to see. There will be a border around your banner with the RoadRunner Logo for every banner that goes there.

Bucking Chutes

$2500/Year - $1250/6 Months

With a prime location, the announcers always mention which bucking chute they are bucking out of. Your company name will be mentioned numerous times throughout the night

4X8 Back Of Stands

$1000/Year - $600/6 Months

Banner will be hung up on the back of the stands. With more work being done to the arena, we plan on putting lights underneath the top seats so that when the sun goes down we can turn on the lights and emphasize your company banner

Arena Banners

$1000/Year - $600/6 Months

Located in a prime location within the arena allowing visibility by all guest throughout all bull riding rounds.

RoadRunner Stage


This stage hosts some of the best local acts, and some the best new and upcoming country music artists. Such artists as Luke Kaufman, Ned Ledoux, Matt Borden, Jackson Taylor and the Sinners and as always Western Bred with J. David Sloan. Your company name will be announced as the stage name.(ex. BullBizz stage at the RoadRunner Restaurant & Saloon)

4X8 Courtyard Fence

$700/Year - $400/6 Months

There is a wooden fence in the main courtyard that many people will see during events and all hours of the day. A great location for a 4X8 banner advertising you business.

We also offer advertising opportunities on our website as well as on our event flyers

There are many opportunities for the RoadRunner Restaurant & Saloon to help advertise your company. We believe that we can help grow your business with the advertising during the best bull riding and concerts that the southwest has to offer.

Where They Buck and DUB Productions works to get at least one big event per month. With events like the Cowboy Baller Bash, Mr. Lucky's Reunion and Bucktoberfest. These Events bring in huge crowds and many new people every time. You never who will see your company logo!

Jennifer Beeman and Jeff Riggs have worked very hard to make sure that the RoadRunner & Saloon provide a successful and fun environment. They've done a great job and it's only going to get better! Now you have the opportunity to ride this wave that is only getting bigger.

Please Contact Becky Mullins with any questions you have. Phone:520-730-9746 or Send Us A Message Below